Zion Canyon Rock Wall Photoscan

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Raw Agisoft Photoscan Data

A rock wall captured in Zion National Park, UT

I almost got run over by a ranger bus while getting photos for this, as you can see where my line of photos is disrupted, then continues. Anything for the art though!
My process is something like this:
I capture with a Cannon DSLR, process in Photoscan, delight pass 1 in photoscan, clean up geo in zbrush, Retopo in Maya - Or Decimate in Zbrush, Delight Pass 2 in Unity De-Lighter, bake normals and etc in Substance Painter, Bake high poly vertex colors in Xnormal, fix any incorrect coloring or manually paint out shadows, combine my 2 de-lighting passes, and then display in marmoset!

You can see the man-made Divots in the wall where they carved it to make room for the road. This specific rock type is part of the Moenave Formation in the Grand Staircase - composed of siltstone and sandstone, the dark red coloring is due to the oxidation of Iron.